Markdown Monster 3.3.6 破解版 – Markdown编程工具

Markdown Monster 3.3.6 破解版 – Markdown编程工具

Markdown Monster是一款简单好用的编辑器,又叫做Markdown怪物,它可以打开Markdown文件并进行编辑,支持代码高亮显示,Markdown Monster的预览窗格可让您查看markdown文本在呈现为HTML时的样子




Markdown Monster 3.3.6 破解版 – Markdown编程工具

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Markdown Monster是一款简单好用的编辑器,又叫做Markdown怪物,它可以打开Markdown文件并进行编辑,支持代码高亮显示,Markdown Monster的预览窗格可让您查看markdown文本在呈现为HTML时的样子。

Markdown Monster的预览窗格可让您查看Markdown文本在呈现为HTML时的样子。Markdown Monster还可以将您的Markdown直接发布到您的Weblog。


可通过.NET Addins扩展,编辑器具有高度可扩展性,因此您可以添加自己的自定义功能。 Markdown Monster包含一个插件模型,可以轻松构建扩展,让您可以进入UI,编辑器行为和发布过程。我们还提供有用的.NET Scripting和Text Templating插件,使您可以自动执行许多任务而无需创建插件。了解有关使用.NET创建插件的更多信息,Markdown Monster支持编辑各种文本文件格式,支持语法着色Markdown文本,键入时实时预览,内联拼写检查,轻松的图像和链接嵌入等,功能非常丰富!

Markdown Monster is a Markdown editor and viewer that lets you edit Markdown with syntax highlighting and fast text entry. A collapsible, synced, live preview lets you see your output as you type. You can easily embed images, links, emojis and code as text or by using our gentle UI helpers that simplify many operations. You can also paste and drag images directly into the editor. Inline spell-checking and word counts keep your content streamlined unobtrusively.

You can export Markdown to HTML by saving to disk or by copying Markdown selections as HTML directly to the clipboard. The HTML preview can display syntax colored code snippets for most common coding languages, and can easily be customized with HTML and CSS template to match your own sites. You can choose from a light and dark theme, and choose individual editor and preview themes. You can even use Vim or EMacs type conventions. Other convenience features let you browse for and select files in the built-in folder browser, jump to the current folder in Explorer or Terminal, commit to Git and more.

Weblog Publishing
Markdown Monster can also publish your Markdown directly to your Weblog. If your blog supports WordPress, MetaWeblog or Medium, you can publish your documents with one click. You can also edit and republish, or download existing posts and even convert existing posts from HTML to Markdown.

Extensible via .NET Addins
We also wanted to make sure the editor is highly extensible, so you can add custom features of your own. Markdown Monster includes an addin model that makes it easy to build extensions that let you hook into the UI, the editor behavior and the publishing process. We also provide useful .NET Scripting and Text Templating addins that let you automate many tasks without creating an addin. Find out more about creating an addin with .NET.