MacCleanse 12.5 破解版 – 系统垃圾清理工具

MacCleanse 12.5 破解版 – 系统垃圾清理工具

MacCleanse 是一款Mac系统垃圾清理工具, 支持系统垃圾清理、缓存清理、历史文件清理、应用卸载、回收站清理等功能,能够快速的帮助我们回收硬盘的空间,支持定时自动清理,此外一些额外的功能也很实用




MacCleanse 12.5 破解版 – 系统垃圾清理工具
MacCleanse 12.5 破解版 – 系统垃圾清理工具
MacCleanse 12.5 破解版 – 系统垃圾清理工具

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MacCleanse 是一款Mac系统垃圾清理工具, 支持系统垃圾清理、缓存清理、历史文件清理、应用卸载、回收站清理等功能,能够快速的帮助我们回收硬盘的空间,支持定时自动清理,此外一些额外的功能也很实用,比如文件粉碎、插件管理、重复文件查找等,非常不错!

MacCleanse is a cleaning tool for OS X, an ally to defend your privacy if you share your Mac with others and help to save disk space by deleting unnecessary files.
With you can make a general analysis of all that you have left over to OS X and you can delete. You can perform the task of cleaning with a few clicks, but you also have the possibility of going section by section.
Thanks to the safety of some of the most complex algorithms in the industry, ensures that the data you want to keep are protected against erasure, while everything else is erased. The results of detailed analyzes also allow you to completely review what is to be deleted before deleting.
Choose from a variety of deleting quick and simple to military grade. Make sure the files are never removed even with the most powerful recovery tools.
History and Web applications
Delete applications and web histories, cookies, caches, logs and autofill settings to save disk space and protect your privacy.
Enable or disable screen savers, web browser add – ons, preference panes, login items and accessories system on the fly; Just load them
when you need to save system resources.
Using the most sophisticated algorithm insurance industry, can identify and mark duplicate copies of files.
Identifying and disabling elements logon unwanted may be slowing down times startup or hogging CPU usage in the background.
Cut the fat installed applications by removing unused language packs and cutting binary data from previous PowerPC.
Search garbage left by applications that were uninstalled incorrectly in the past.
Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later, 64 bit