LogTail 4.3.1 破解版 – 系统日志查看工具

LogTail 4.3.1 破解版 – 系统日志查看工具

LogTail mac版是Macos上一款日志文件采集工具,可以实时帮助用户监视已更新的应用程序和系统日志文件,让你第一时间就能了解日志文件中的重要数




LogTail 4.3.1 破解版 – 系统日志查看工具
LogTail 4.3.1 破解版 – 系统日志查看工具
LogTail 4.3.1 破解版 – 系统日志查看工具

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LogTail mac版是Macos上一款日志文件采集工具,可以实时帮助用户监视已更新的应用程序和系统日志文件,让你第一时间就能了解日志文件中的重要数据
LogTail is an OS X app to view and monitor local and remote log files on linux servers (using SSH) or any plain text file.
It reads log files and outputs their contents as they change, and can follow or “tail” the file in a way similar to the Unix ‘tail’ utility (tail -f)
LogTail is helpful in monitoring application and system log files which are updated constantly at runtime.
It allows you to set up filter and highlight rules that can be used to hide or colorize lines with matching search terms. This allows you to focus on the important data in your log files! You can also enable notifications to be alerted when matching text is found in the log file.
In addition you can:
Manage and browse remote SSH server hosts
Bookmark and Search remote log files
Share local log files as Mail message attachment or Messages instant message (or via AirDrop or add
to Notes (Sharing toolbar item))
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor