Launchpad Manager Pro 1.0.13 破解版 – 启动台管理工具

Launchpad Manager Pro 1.0.13 破解版 – 启动台管理工具

Launchpad Manager Pro是一款可以帮助你的Launchpad删除,重新排列,重新分组,取消分组,或者Launchpad Manager Pro干脆把它们按字母顺序的实用小工具




Launchpad Manager Pro 1.0.13 破解版 – 启动台管理工具
Launchpad Manager Pro 1.0.13 破解版 – 启动台管理工具
Launchpad Manager Pro 1.0.13 破解版 – 启动台管理工具

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Launchpad Manager Pro是一款可以帮助你的Launchpad删除,重新排列,重新分组,取消分组,或者Launchpad Manager Pro干脆把它们按字母顺序的实用小工具!
Launchpad Manager Pro helps you get the most out of Launchpad! Delete, rearrange, group or ungroup any of your launchpad icons, or simply put them into alphabetical order!
Launchpad Manager – multifunctional application for working with Launchpad. With it, you can easily rearrange, group, rename, delete, move applications in Launchpad.
Some programs are very much like to put to even a bunch of additional content (hello, Adobe!), Which ultimately leads to hell in Launchpad. To combat this excellent Launchpad Manager program. Of course, something can be done by means of the Launchpad. Dragging icons, folding them into folders, etc. But, of course, first of all, this is not enough, and secondly, the Launchpad periodically loves himself “update”, breaking a remarkable order, set by the user.
Key features:
• Delete any icons or groups in Launchpad!
Launchpad Manager allows you to remove any icons from Launchpad.
• Rename any of your icons or groups!
• “Cut” and “Paste” to move quickly
With the help of Cut and Paste operations, you can move the applications and the group quickly and efficiently.
• Organize a group
Select multiple icons and move them to a new group with just one click!
• Add the missing application Launchpad!
If you delete an application from the Launchpad, but decided to re-add it, use this function.
• Easy to change the order of Drag’n’Drop!
Streamlining icons – simple drag and drop!
• Save layout
Save Launchpad layout file – it’s a great feature if you have multiple layouts, and you want to switch between them quickly and easily.
• Download layout
Restore previously saved layout. Please note that it may take a few minutes.
• Sort alphabetically
Sort your icons in alphabetical order!
• Move the icon to another page
You can move the selected items to another page on Launchpad
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit