Keytty 1.2.6 破解版 – 通过键盘控制鼠标

Keytty 1.2.6 破解版 – 通过键盘控制鼠标




Keytty 1.2.6 破解版 – 通过键盘控制鼠标

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Keytty for Mac是Mac平台上一款可以通过键盘控制鼠标的工具,设置好Keytty Mac版后,移动、点击、滚动、拖动等都可以通过键盘来完成,非常有趣。

Control your mouse with the keyboard!
Move, click, scroll, drag and more with a few keystrokes.
– Keytty is an application for macOS (OS X) only.
– Keytty is not intended to replace a mouse or a touch panel.
– You can control the actions of the mouse cursor with Keytty most of the time but can not override controls the operating system level (eg mission control platform boot, login, etc.) as Keytty is only an application running on the operating system.
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