JixiPix Fold Defy 1.3 破解版 – 图片折叠弯曲软件

JixiPix Fold Defy 1.3 破解版 – 图片折叠弯曲软件

JixiPix Fold Defy 是专业的应用程序不仅可以折叠图片,使用两种类型的弯曲选项: 褶皱和折痕,也是祸患它揉效果的外观与嘎吱嘎吱平平滑的纸张




JixiPix Fold Defy 1.3 破解版 – 图片折叠弯曲软件

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JixiPix Fold Defy 是专业的应用程序不仅可以折叠图片,使用两种类型的弯曲选项: 褶皱和折痕,也是祸患它揉效果的外观与嘎吱嘎吱平平滑的纸张。在 2D 空间定向,折叠违抗呈现 3D 弹出褶皱与他们的透视畸变和令人惊异的高端结果逼真的阴影
JixiPix Fold Defy This professional app folds your image, using two types of bending options: FOLD and CREASE, and distresses it with a CRUMPLE effect to give an appearance of crunched paper smoothed flat. Oriented in a 2D space, Fold Defy renders 3D popping folds with their perspective distortions and a realistic shadow for an amazing high-end result!
• 3d Fold, Crease and Crumple effects with surface popping shadows
• Crease tool for adding creases and folds by simply drawing across the image
• Adjustable controls for fold direction, width and surface height
• Adjustable crinkles for realistic fold lines
• Powerful 3d light source for natural-looking highlights and shadows
• 18 Paper textures
• 75 One touch fold, crease and crumple styles
Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit