JixiPix Dramatic Black & White 2.6.5 破解版 – 制作黑白照片

JixiPix Dramatic Black & White 2.6.5 破解版 – 制作黑白照片

JixiPixDramatic Black & White 破解版是mac上一款可以制作黑白照片的软件,不管是什么格式的照片,都可以借助该软件处理成黑白照片,包括RAW照片,软件自带黑白、红外线和戏剧性的黑白三种样式




JixiPix Dramatic Black & White 2.6.5 破解版 – 制作黑白照片

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JixiPixDramatic Black & White 破解版是mac上一款可以制作黑白照片的软件,不管是什么格式的照片,都可以借助该软件处理成黑白照片,包括RAW照片,软件自带黑白、红外线和戏剧性的黑白三种样式,每一种样式都有多种效果,一共有60个效果,每个效果都有不同的地方,获得的风格自然也会不一样,只需要一键,就可以把照片处理成你所喜欢的效果,非常简单
JixiPix Dramatic Black & White Supercharged Retro Sophisticated Simple uber Cool Dramatic Black & White was too long a name for the software stores, so we were forced to edit it down.
Everyone knows it doesn’t get better than classic Black & White—it is the artistic soul of photography. Referencing one of our favorite Ansel Adams quotes: “Great Black & White photos aren’t taken—they’re made”. Using Dramatic Black & White, you can make your own black and white photographs, ones where light and contrast, grit and form come together to tell a story; where stone and sky, water and light transcend the material world and ascend to the Photographers’ Gallery.
With Dramatic Black & White there are no mistakes you can’t fix, no limits to your vision, no stopping until you’re finished, nothing to hold you back from truly making your photos—”Oh.My.Gosh”. good!
Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit