Jetbrains Pycharm 2024.1.1 破解版 – 强大的Python编程工具

Jetbrains Pycharm 2024.1.1 破解版 – 强大的Python编程工具

PyCharm是一款由JetBrains出品的强大的Python语言编程IDE,最新版本更新了洋气的图标,完美支持Python 3.5,Docker Integration等功能




Jetbrains Pycharm 2024.1.1 破解版 – 强大的Python编程工具
Jetbrains Pycharm 2024.1.1 破解版 – 强大的Python编程工具
Jetbrains Pycharm 2024.1.1 破解版 – 强大的Python编程工具

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PyCharm是一款由JetBrains出品的强大的Python语言编程IDE,最新版本更新了洋气的图标,完美支持Python 3.5,Docker Integration等功能,支持Django, Flask, Google App Engine, Pyramid, web2py等开发框架,除了Python语言外,还支持JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, HTML/CSS, Cython, Template languages等语言,是一款非常强大的Python开发工具!
The most intelligent Python IDE. Enjoy a productive development of Python, Django and Web with PyCharm, an intelligent Python IDE offers an experience unique coding. The intelligent code editor PyCharm provides first-class support for Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, typescript, CSS, languages ​​and more popular templates. Take advantage of code completion with language recognition, error detection and code fixes on the fly!
Python and web development
Intelligent Python support
Enjoy excellent coding assistance with smart code completion, inspections of codes, error highlighting on the fly, automatic corrections, along with automatic refactorings and code capabilities advanced navigation for all major implementations of Python .
Support Smart-Cross-technology
addition to Python, PyCharm support JavaScript, CoffeeScript, typescript, HTML / CSS, Cython, template languages, AngularJS, and Node.js.
Web development frameworks
PyCharm offers specific support framework for modern web development frameworks such as Django, Flask, Google App Engine, Pyramid and web2py.
Remote development capabilities
Run, debug, test and deploy applications on remote hosts or virtual machines with remote interpreters, integrated terminal ssh, integration with Docker and Vagrant.
Development tools built
an amazing set of tools from the outset: integrated debugger and a runner graphic evidence; a built terminal; integration with Git, SVN and Mercurial; tools embedded database and SQL support.
Customizable and cross – platform IDE
PyCharm runs on Windows, Mac OS or Linux with a single license key. Enjoy a workspace optimized with customizable color combinations and key bindings, VIM emulation available.
Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor