iShowU Studio 破解版 – 屏幕摄像头录像工具

iShowU Studio 破解版 – 屏幕摄像头录像工具

iShowU Studio 2 是一款Mac上方便易用的屏幕摄像头录像工具,支持桌面录像、摄像头录像等,并且能够帮助我们在Mac电脑上进行屏幕录像并对屏幕录像进行后期编辑处理,比如制作视频教程




iShowU Studio 破解版 – 屏幕摄像头录像工具
iShowU Studio 破解版 – 屏幕摄像头录像工具
iShowU Studio 破解版 – 屏幕摄像头录像工具

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iShowU Studio 2 是一款Mac上方便易用的屏幕摄像头录像工具,支持桌面录像、摄像头录像等,并且能够帮助我们在Mac电脑上进行屏幕录像并对屏幕录像进行后期编辑处理,比如制作视频教程,录制完成后能够按需对录制的视频教程进行编辑:添加指定文字内容、添加图标注释等,很不错!

iShowU Studio Easy screen recording & editing on your Mac: that’s the core idea. Built from day one with this in mind, it’s easy to capture what you want; add text, annotations, pointers and highlights and then share your result.
Features you’ve come to expect in the iShowU “series” have been supercharged: screen & camera capture, mouse highlighting and keyboard animations take on a new lease of life now that you can edit when and how they appear. Did we mention we’ve reworked uploading too? Take the best realtime capture, mix in “time” – and voila, iShowU Studio!
Utilising the latest OS X technology and hardware accelerated goodness.
An uncluttered yet useful screen recording interface, with the editing tools you need directly accessible.
Super intuitive pan/zoom, shapes, fades and more. iShowU Studio lets you point out what’s important quickly and easily.
Mouse and keyboard visualization, audio annotations: just some of the tools tailored specifically for the creation of ‘screen based’ content.
Designed from the beginning to both operate and look fantastic when in full screen.
iShowU Studio is aware of colour-tagged footage, giving you accurate results all the way from import, preview through to final render.
Get your result “out there”! The entire “share” panel focuses on what your end users need. Quicktime? No problem. Web? No problem! iDevices1? Yep! 1080p? Sure! YouTube, Vimeo as well? You got it!
Capture directly from your iOS device, create beautiful demos of your iOS apps with ease!
Plug in any OS X compatible camera and capture footage from that in realtime. Or add it later, your call.
Version 2.2.0:
Ready for Catalina.
App is now notarized.
Fixed bug where sometimes iShowU would not record on some systems with odd numbered horizontal resolutions.
Much faster prompt for screen access (if not enabled in System Preferences).
Light mode comes to Studio 2. Use Studio2 in dark/light/auto mode as you’d like. New beautiful UI and coloring.
Lots of re-work on the codebase. Faster operation.
Redone menu bar, now flat/modern, with a more pleasing feel.
Far more subtle UI colouring now. Emphasis colors follow the System Preferences ‘accent color’.
All context UI’s given more visual space (better feel).
Changed default shortcut for retake-recording (made it cmd-shift-option-R), so it’s less likely to conflict with existing/other apps.
Reworked icons and UI, easier to look at all round.
Improved UI speed.
Various (many!) bugs fixed & internal improvements.
Greatly increased logging output when recording fails, to aid in debugging.
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor