iShot Pro 2.4.6 破解版 – 长截图工具

iShot Pro 2.4.6 破解版 – 长截图工具

iShot 是一款适用于Mac优秀的截图工具。功能全面,支持:区域截图、窗口截图、长截图、延时截图、屏幕录制以及截图标注




iShot Pro 2.4.6 破解版 – 长截图工具
iShot Pro 2.4.6 破解版 – 长截图工具
iShot Pro 2.4.6 破解版 – 长截图工具

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iShot 是一款适用于Mac优秀的截图工具。功能全面,支持:区域截图、窗口截图、长截图、延时截图、屏幕录制以及截图标注。这里要特别表扬一下iShot的延时全屏截图以及快速标注工具。对于小编这种重度依赖截图的用户来说,有的窗口需要权限而无法进行截图,而iShot的全屏延时截图很好的解决了这种情况。Xnip的标注工具是在图片右侧增加一块空白区域,将你标的步骤注释列在那个区域中,我其实不能理解它的这种设计理念的,因为它会增加图片的宽度以及图片的大小,有时候不得不再用ps进行处理。而iShot的标注是直接显示在截图中,这个设计小编觉得太棒啦
iShot is an excellent, full-featured area screenshot, window screenshot, multi-window screenshot, long screenshot, shell screenshot, time-lapse screenshot, quick annotation, texture, color picking, screen recording, audio recording, OCR, screenshot translation tool on Mac .
Area screenshot, window screenshot
Supports frame selection screenshots, intelligent recognition window screenshots, and custom screenshot shortcuts.
Multi-window screenshot
Press the screenshot shortcut key, then Shift, and click on multiple windows to take screenshots of multiple windows.
Delay full screen screenshot
Delay full-screen screenshots, support countdown sound playback, and use to capture windows that are not easy to select.
Take a screenshot of the last screenshot area
Use the shortcut keys to quickly take a screenshot of the area where the last frame was selected.
Screenshot window under cursor
Use the shortcut key to directly capture the window under the current mouse without activating the window.
Screenshot rounded corners and shadow effects
Screenshot to open quickly
After completing the screenshot, you can double-click Option to open the picture with a custom App, so that your screenshot and editing can be seamlessly connected.
Support saving to clipboard and local
Support saving to the clipboard and saving to the local
Support single save as, custom save name and format
Support HD and SD image quality
Support jpg, png, tiff screenshot saving formats
Support output color standard pictures
Select the scrolling screenshot area, then press the “S” shortcut key and slide the screenshot area upwards to start taking a long screenshot. The length of the long screenshot is unlimited.
Support automatic scrolling of long screenshots.
After taking a full screen screenshot, match your picture with a beautiful Mac shell mockup, high-end and elegant.
After the frame selection area is supported, click the map button to map;
The sticker library will store the record of the sticker.
After supporting the texture, right-click, mark and modify the texture image.
Marking function:
Rectangle, circle, horizontal line, arrow, brush, mosaic, text mark, serial number label, local highlight;
Quickly adjust dimension and transparency
Rich annotation styles
Arrows, mosaics and other annotation tools provide a variety of styles to choose from, making your annotations colorful.
When you press the screenshot shortcut key, the magnifying glass will display the color name under the current cursor, press R, G to copy the RGB and HEX color codes, and supports custom color codes with powerful functions.
Support native, normal RGB, SRGB, Adobe RGB, P3 multiple color gamut standards
Supports screen recording of various resolutions and FPS in Ultra HD, HD and SD;
Support for recording the internal sound of the system;
Support for recording online meetings
Support recording function, recording anytime and anywhere, a good helper for business people.
Support for recording the internal sound of the system
9.OCR text recognition
After selecting the screenshot area, click the OCR button to perform text recognition, which is convenient and easy to use
The OCR function supports QR code recognition and prioritizes QR code recognition
Support OCR continuous recognition mode
Support OCR to cancel line feed
After selecting the screenshot area for OCR recognition, perform translation