Highlight 2.7.20201002 破解版 – 屏幕绘图工具

Highlight 2.7.20201002 破解版 – 屏幕绘图工具

Highlight Mac版是一款运行在MacOS平台上的屏幕绘图软件。Highlight可以让你直接使用画笔在屏幕上进行绘图标注




Highlight 2.7.20201002 破解版 – 屏幕绘图工具

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Highlight Mac版是一款运行在MacOS平台上的屏幕绘图软件。Highlight可以让你直接使用画笔在屏幕上进行绘图标注,画笔颜色和大小可以自由设置,使您的演示文稿演示更加的生动和有趣!
Highlight is a tool designed with teachers and demos in mind: it helps you attracting the attention of your audience on what happens on the screen. It is designed to be as unobtrusive and simple as possible, while letting you express your communicating skills efficiently.
What’s New:
Version 2.6.20171210
switched onboarding to sheet (compatibility issues)
deleted UI elements that were causing issues with older versions of the OS (compatibility)
misc bugfixes
Compatibility: OS X 10.9.5 or later, 64-bit processor