Hides 5.9.3 破解版 – 一键隐藏所有应用窗口

Hides 5.9.3 破解版 – 一键隐藏所有应用窗口

Hides 是一款能够在你工作时帮你隐藏其他程序让你不用分心从而提升工作效率的软件,在单一模式中 Hides 隐藏非选中的所有程序,让你专心




Hides 5.9.3 破解版 – 一键隐藏所有应用窗口
Hides 5.9.3 破解版 – 一键隐藏所有应用窗口
Hides 5.9.3 破解版 – 一键隐藏所有应用窗口

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Hides 是一款能够在你工作时帮你隐藏其他程序让你不用分心从而提升工作效率的软件,在单一模式中 Hides 隐藏非选中的所有程序,让你专心。

Boost your productivity with Hides. Enable Single App Mode, to focus on the task at hand. Single App Mode will hide all other open applications automatically, so you can focus on your work. Hides can also quickly hide all open Applications, giving you a fresh, clear work space. Configure Hides with global hotkeys, allowing you to effortlessly clear your desktop of all running apps with one quick keystroke, or quickly enable Single App Mode for a distraction-free work environment. Single App Mode is exactly what you think it would be. only one app is in focus at one time on your desktop. Whenever you change to another app, all other apps are hidden from view leaving your entire focus for that one app.
You can now enable Focus mode only for specific apps or globally for all Apps!
new option to hide all apps except the current active app
new icon
small ui improvements
Better window handling
Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor