GroupsPro 5.5.2 破解版 – 联系人和邮件管理

GroupsPro 5.5.2 破解版 – 联系人和邮件管理

GroupsPro for mac是一款联系人和邮件管理软件,它能管理联系人,联系人组并创建邮件列表群发邮件




GroupsPro 5.5.2 破解版 – 联系人和邮件管理

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GroupsPro for mac是一款联系人和邮件管理软件,它能管理联系人,联系人组并创建邮件列表群发邮件。GroupsPro是创建和组织联系人组并创建邮件列表的最佳方式,快来动手整理您的朋友列表吧!

GroupsPro Manage contacts, contact groups and create mailing lists for mass email. GroupsPro is the best way to create and organize groups of contacts and create mailing lists. A mailing list contains members of groups or individual recipients.
• Create and modify groups of address book contacts.
• Assign contacts to groups (single and fast assigning) .
• Create and modify mailing lists for mass emails.
• Search for names, phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, departments and notes within all contacts.
• Create and modify contacts.
• Print single or multiple contacts.
• Export contacts to Excel or CSV file.
• Compatible also with macOS 10.12 (Sierra).
• And more
Mailing lists:
• Usable within GroupsPro for sending emails to several recipients.
• Add text and photos.
• Cc and Bcc recipients partially supported.
• Attachments.
• PDF as images or attachments.
• Message as HTML possible.
• Send prepared emails manually with the Mail app.
Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit