GitKraken Enterprise 9.13.0 破解版 – Git客户端

GitKraken Enterprise 9.13.0 破解版 – Git客户端





GitKraken Enterprise 9.13.0 破解版 – Git客户端

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GitKraken client for enterprises. GitKraken is the leader in Git collaboration in the enterprise sector.
Key Features
Empower developers and watch your teams transform
• GitKraken Client is designed to meet the needs of every developer with an intuitive GUI, powerful CLI, and all the features you’d expect from the world’s most popular Git client. GitKraken Client not only improves individual developer productivity, but also enables teams to collaborate more effectively
High-performing development teams rely on it
• Elite companies choose GitKraken because we provide more than just a set of world-class Git tools that improve the developer experience. GitKraken is committed to providing its customers with everything they need to succeed, from Git training to a centralized help center with product implementation, training, and support resources.
Connect the tools your teams rely on
• To optimize your workflow, leverage deep integration with tools already in your technology stack
Secure and flexible license management
• GitKraken Client offers flexible license management capabilities for enterprise environments. Our Enterprise Cloud provides cloud accounts with SSO. We also offer On-Premise solutions, both self-hosted and serverless with license keys
Creating a future of collaboration
• GitKraken is committed to fast release cycles and continues to develop enterprise-grade features and functionality to meet the growing security and user management needs of large organizations. Check out the GitKraken client roadmap to see what’s coming soon
System requirements
• macOS 10.10 or higher
• Intel 64-bit CPU
• Apple M1 chip