G-dis 7.0.2 破解版 – Redis客户端

G-dis 7.0.2 破解版 – Redis客户端

Mac好用的Redis客户端G-dis 破解版推荐给大家,G-dis是采用纯swift语言开发的,底层采用swift的socket编程,通过调用poll、MSG_PEEK来控制socket连接超时和做socket阻塞判断




G-dis 7.0.2 破解版 – Redis客户端
G-dis 7.0.2 破解版 – Redis客户端
G-dis 7.0.2 破解版 – Redis客户端

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Mac好用的Redis客户端G-dis 破解版推荐给大家,G-dis是采用纯swift语言开发的,底层采用swift的socket编程,通过调用poll、MSG_PEEK来控制socket连接超时和做socket阻塞判断。支持二进制的key、value数据存入和取出Redis Server。G-dis for Mac的特殊功能是通过扫描快速返回有限的结果。
Redis Client Tool developed by pure swift language with most stability. Especial Feature: limited results returned with fast speed by scan.
Support most popular data types in Redis: String, Set, List, Hash, SortedSet.
Support Base64 encoded binary key & Base64 encoded binary value.
Support multi-languages charsets for connection.
Support multi-languages charset switch for returned result data from Redis server.
Support read and write Server-end Redis Data.
Using scan operation to support limited results returned with fast speed while search with key pattern.
Get each db’s key count with command: info.
10.The header tooltips in the search key result list will shows:’Count Shown:${count}’ for the current results count shown in the list.
14.Attention: You can use G-dis to operate data with connecting any master node of your Redis Cluster, but you can only choose db0 to operate the data on Redis Cluster.
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Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor