FotoJet Designer 1.3.4 破解版 – 图片设计软件

FotoJet Designer 1.3.4 破解版 – 图片设计软件

FotoJet Designer for Mac是Mac平台上非常优秀的一款图片设计软件,让您可以轻松完成各种图形设计




FotoJet Designer 1.3.4 破解版 – 图片设计软件
FotoJet Designer 1.3.4 破解版 – 图片设计软件
FotoJet Designer 1.3.4 破解版 – 图片设计软件

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FotoJet Designer for Mac是Mac平台上非常优秀的一款图片设计软件,让您可以轻松完成各种图形设计。FotoJet Designer Mac版内含海量精致模板以及强大的工具,无需专业知识即可创建第一无二的设计,包括海报、卡片、传单、横幅、邀请函等等。
A powerful yet easy to use graphic design app for macOS.
FotoJet Designer makes graphic design easier than ever. It gives you the ability to design like a Pro, with its 900+ templates, thousands of resources, and powerful editing tools. With no professional skill, anyone can create unique designs, such as social media graphics, cards, invitations, posters, flyers and banners, in a matter of seconds.
Whether you are a design novice, who loves customizing graphics for personal use and various occasions, or a highly experienced designer, who wants to create professional designs, you will always find inspiration in FotoJet Designer.
Abundant Templates and Resources
Almost all social media graphic templates are covered, including Facebook Cover/Post, YouTube Channel Art/Thumbnail, Google+ Cover, Twitter Header, Tumblr Banner, Email Header, Instagram Post, and Pinterest Graphic.
Well-designed templates for Card, Invitation, Poster, Flyer, Logo, Facebook Ad, Leaderboard, and Magazine Cover.
80+ text fonts and 30+ preset text styles that can be applied with one click.
800+ preset clipart images to choose from or search through 93,000+ clipart images online.
80+ preset lines and shapes.
Set background with solid/gradient color fill or 80+ preset patterns.
Add photos from computer, Facebook, or online photo stock.
Personalize Your Designs Freely
Your photos can be edited freely: crop photos to show the exact part you want or apply popular photo effects to make them outstanding.
Handy text editing tools: set text font, size, style, color, and effect.
Move, resize, and rotate any element as per requirements.
Select multiple elements and edit quickly.
Start a design with custom size.
More useful tools that help you design with ease: layer management, undo/redo, and auto snap, etc.
Save and Share
Save your design as a JPG or PNG image.
Share it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr.
Save as project and load for further editing.
What’s New:
Version 1.2.0
Fully compatible with Monterey and Apple M1.
Compatibility: macOS 10.11 or later