Fork 2.44 破解版 – Git客户端

Fork 2.44 破解版 – Git客户端

Fork是一款运行在Mac平台上的Git客户端,Fork Mac版具备互动rebase,以任何提交方式浏览存储库文件树




Fork 2.44 破解版 – Git客户端
Fork 2.44 破解版 – Git客户端
Fork 2.44 破解版 – Git客户端

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Fork是一款运行在Mac平台上的Git客户端,Fork Mac版具备互动rebase,以任何提交方式浏览存储库文件树,直观的合并冲突解决,在提交列表中直接查看您的隐藏,你可以通过清晰的视图快速发现源代码中的更改
Fast and friendly git client. Fork is getting better and better day after day and we are happy to share our results with you. Commit List - Working Directory Changes - Side by Side Diff - Repository Manager Summary and Statistics
Basic features: Fetch, pull, push | Commit, amend | Create and delete branches and tags | Create and delete remote repos | Checkout branch or revision | Cherry-pick, revert | Merge, rebase | Stashes | Submodules
Work with repository: Create, clone or add existing repos | Open recent repository quickly
Commit view: Stage / unstage changes line-by-line | Access to recent commit messages
More features: Browse the repository file tree at any commit | Intuitive merge conflict resolving | See your stashes right in the commit list
Supported Operation Systems
macOS 10.13 or later