Forecast Bar – Weather Radar 5.0.2 破解版 – 实用的菜单栏天气预报

Forecast Bar – Weather Radar 5.0.2 破解版 – 实用的菜单栏天气预报




Forecast Bar – Weather Radar 5.0.2 破解版 – 实用的菜单栏天气预报

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Forecast Bar 是一款Mac上实用的菜单栏天气预报,可以在菜单栏快速显示多天的天气情况,支持中文,简单易用,界面精美,很不错!

Forecast Bar,由,提供超精确、超本地天气实况和预测在你的菜单栏右侧。美丽的背景图像匹配当前的天气条件和时间,以及一个简单和干净的界面,你会发现自己不停地检查天气!
*\** Best Apple ‘s new application for best new Mac application *** Application Best rated by Macworld Submitted by Lifehacker *** *** Support full touch bar ***
Forecast Bar offers live weather hypertext and hyper Local in the menu bar or as a complete application dock. iCloud Sync keeps their locations and configurations synchronized across all your devices. The custom icon and background packs allow you to customize the look to suit your style.
Bar forecast shows a magnificent panel opening of variable size filled with relevant weather information, including:
– The current conditions, current temperatures, as high and low cloud conditions and relative humidity
– A summary Description, available in 18 languages, the weather for the next hour, and the next 24 hours
– Create a personalized weather summary for use in the application and widget that can contain any combination of 20 data points with everything from wind speeds up the location of the nearest storm.
– Animated graphics showing temperature forecasts and rainfall for the next 8 hours
– When rain is detected in the next hour, an animated graphic showing the rain intensity *
– forecast 6 days, high and low temperatures and conditions weather
– stunning animated icons for each weather condition (plus two additional packages of icons to switch between)
– A beautiful image combined with weather conditions (which can be dimmed or hidden altogether, either from integrated sources or online)
– (.. Only US) A full Description of all local severe weather alerts from NWS including assistance notification Center
– Radar and satellite imagery (USA only..)
clicking again under current conditions, animated with additional information panel, which includes displays:
– current conditions wind with a compass Animated
– Readings dew point and humidity, with an animated indicator “mugginess”
– pressure indicator with trend information
– departure and sunset for the day
– Moonphase
– Reading visibility
– UV Index
can click any day forecast for a table of 24 hours of temperature, precipitation, wind, humidity and UV indexes, along with a table sky condition hour by hour. In addition, clicking on the icon interactive radar map radar will be displayed.
Forecast bar automatically determines your location to provide hyperlocal weather data. In addition, you can store unlimited favorite locations, and switch between them using keyboard shortcuts. By default, the forecast bar will automatically detect which units to use for your location, or you can manually set your preferred units.
Forecast Bar supports Time Machine feature Dark Sky. Time Machine gives you the ability to check the current weather conditions in a given over the last 70 years or in the next 70 years time.
Forecast Bar offers full support for modes of light and dark bar menu, and carefully preserves the power of your computer. You can even completely customize what is shown in the menu bar or dock at its port logo. Assign a shortcut to display global keyboard forecast bar anytime! Moreover, today there is a widget you can use in your Notification Center.
With Forwarding notifications, you can send alerts precipitation Forecast Bar for iPhone and iPad. Your Mac will automatically check the weather depending on where your phone is and send notifications when you get precipitation (requires iOS forecast bar). In addition, you can send the current temperature to iOS devices as a badge icon.