Filemaker Pro 破解版 – 定制化App开发神器

Filemaker Pro 破解版 – 定制化App开发神器

FileMaker Pro 是跨平台的知名数据库商用软件,支持中文,FileMaker比传统的如Oracle、SQL Server等商业数据库软件,其优点在于易于使用,能够非常快的上手,支持直接存储图片、PDF文件、多媒体文件等




Filemaker Pro 破解版 – 定制化App开发神器
Filemaker Pro 破解版 – 定制化App开发神器
Filemaker Pro 破解版 – 定制化App开发神器

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Filemaker pro mac版是一款非常专业的功能强大且易于使用的数据库软件,可以快速创建定制化App,这些App可以按照您的方式工作,从而切实满足团队所需,让你在工作中更快速、更高效地完成各项任务
Build apps like a boss. Take on digital transformation with Claris FileMaker. Quickly build custom apps that solve your business problems today — and tomorrow. Accelerate your business, unlock your team’s creative potential, and drive to better outcomes.
Need an app to solve a really sticky business problem? Build it with FileMaker. It’s got all the tools you need to roll up your sleeves and DIY — or team up with pro developers for next-level expertise.
And by today, we mean today. With built-in templates, drag-and-drop design, and an intuitive graphical UI, you’ll be app-building in no time. And your work goes live the second you’re ready, across every device — that’s the power of FileMaker.
Need an app now but crunched for time? Odds are you’re not alone. Explore Marketplace to find the perfect jumping off point for your own custom app — from templates and components to fully-completed vertical market apps.
Secure, real-time sharing on any device. That means your app works on mobile or desktop, on the web, on premise and in the cloud. Because apps this important should be accessible anytime, anywhere.
Power for problem solvers.
Drag and drop prebuilt add-ons for instant app development. Add charts, calendars, kanban boards, activity timelines, and more. (Coming soon.)
Use smart tech such as Core ML for things like image and sentiment recognition, Siri Shortcuts for voice-enabled interactions, and NFC reading — all on mobile.
Create apps directly in the cloud with zero configuration and deployment. Add fully-integrated jаvascript to your custom apps.
Use scripts, triggers, calculation functions, graphical design tools, and relational data modeling to build robust apps that scale with your business.
Built on Claris Core, FileMaker includes industry-standard protections to keep your data secure — both in the cloud and on premise.
Connect to all kinds of web services and apps in minutes using Claris Connect. It’s the best way to automate your workflows.
Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later, 64-bit processor