ffWorks 4.0.0 破解版 – FFmpeg UI界面

ffWorks 4.0.0 破解版 – FFmpeg UI界面

ffWorks 是Mac平台上的一款多媒体编辑软件。ffWorks Mac版带来了使用FFmpeg的新方法,创建超高质量的电影




ffWorks 4.0.0 破解版 – FFmpeg UI界面
ffWorks 4.0.0 破解版 – FFmpeg UI界面
ffWorks 4.0.0 破解版 – FFmpeg UI界面

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ffWorks 是Mac平台上的一款多媒体编辑软件。ffWorks Mac版带来了使用FFmpeg的新方法,创建超高质量的电影,而不需要编写一个命令行代码。ffWorks有一个特性集,用于操作开放源代码FFmpeg,而不需要输入长命令行。
ffWorks 带来了使用FFmpeg的新方法,创建超高质量的电影,而不需要编写一个命令行代码。ffWorks有一个特性集,用于操作开放源代码FFmpeg,而不需要输入长命令行。支持许多编解码器,如MPEG4,H264,H265 HEVC,Matroska,PRORES,DNxHD,DVVideo,MPEG TS,MPEG PS,XAVS, FLV,Theora,AVI,OGG,VP8 & VP9 (.webm),GIF动画,VOB,MXF,GFX等。
ffWorks (formerly iFFmpeg) is a GUI for FFmpeg, a command line tool used to convert media files between formats. Command line instructions can be very difficult to learn/understand, so ffWorks does all the hard work for you. This allows you to use FFmpeg without detailed command line knowledge.
Color adjustment
ffWorks provides an easy way to quickly adjust color settings such as exposure, contrast, saturation, gamma, brightness, shadows, black and white balance, and more.
Color space conversion and inclusion of +80 Pro LUT presets make it a very powerful tool.
Thanks to the new Trimming feature, it’s now very easy to trim content. Both manual and automatic cropping and black border removal are available.
Adding an unlimited number of overlays is now easier than ever before. Add images (such as a logo) or videos (picture-in-picture). Move and resize the overlay as you wish.
Makes it very easy to add an unlimited number of overlays.
Video Quality Metrics
Check the quality of converted video files using VMAF, PSNR, SSIM, CAMBI, etc.
Video quality metrics that use a combination of different algorithms to more accurately assess the perceived quality of a video.