Fenetre 0.8.1 破解版 – 窗口管理软件

Fenetre 0.8.1 破解版 – 窗口管理软件

Fenetre for Mac是一个专用于Mac上的效率软件,令人难以置信的功能将让您专注于您的核心业务,而不会妨碍您




Fenetre 0.8.1 破解版 – 窗口管理软件
Fenetre 0.8.1 破解版 – 窗口管理软件
Fenetre 0.8.1 破解版 – 窗口管理软件

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Fenetre for Mac是一个专用于Mac上的效率软件,令人难以置信的功能将让您专注于您的核心业务,而不会妨碍您。设置开放Fenetre之后永远在其他串口之上,非常不错哦!!
Fenetre Keep a window open, always on top of everything else. The picture in picture mode now available on your mac. Fenêtre lets you visualize a video, a picture, a flat file or a website. Amazing features will keep you focused on your main activity without getting in the way.
Features included :
• Amazing See Through mask following your mouse.
• Lets you Click Through the window when needed.
• Interact with your clipboard.
• Get the browser extension (Chrome or Firefox) to open a link or the current url directly while browsing.
• Control the opacity of your window.
• Get an amazing refined experience on specific websites (Youtube, Netflix, Twitch, GitHub, …).
• Preview markdown files.
• Collapse the window to keep it completely out of the way.
• Customize your experience with settings and hotkeys.
• Keep an history of what you’ve opened.
• Open as many windows as you’d like.
Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit
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