Elmedia Player Go 7.2.1 破解版 – 媒体播放器

Elmedia Player Go 7.2.1 破解版 – 媒体播放器




Elmedia Player Go 7.2.1 破解版 – 媒体播放器

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Elmedia Player GO for Mac是一款运行在MacOS平台上的媒体播放器,几乎可以播放任何文件格式。Elmedia Player GO Mac版不需要任何额外的编解码器与插件,即可播放各种视频和音频格式,现在还可以用于Apple TV,功能非常强大。
GO Player Elmedia play various file formats, whether AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, MP3, M4V, or otherwise. The good news is that Elmedia GO Player is a versatile application that does not require codecs and additional accessories.
** Elmedia Player is now available for Apple TV! **
Elmedia offers a fantastic experience thanks to HD feature native hardware accelerated decoding. Not only offers the best image quality, but also does not load the processor of your computer.
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