DJMixerPro 3.6.10 破解版 – DJ混音软件

DJMixerPro 3.6.10 破解版 – DJ混音软件




DJMixerPro 3.6.10 破解版 – DJ混音软件

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对DJ音乐制作感兴趣的朋友,那一定会喜欢这款DJ Mixer Professional软件。dj mixer pro for mac是一款专为Mac用户打造的DJ混音软件,可以帮助您实现电动现场混音效果。DJ Mixer Professional 功能强大,只需要导入自己想要的音乐就能做出专业的混音效果
DJMixerPro is powerful, full-featured DJ mixing software for amateur, bedroom and professional DJs alike. This advanced DJ software provides an easy-to-use interface and a range of advanced DJ tools which makes mixing your music and video easy. You have 2 or 4 decks, an advanced mixer, and playlists/database. Complete automatic or manual mixing, beat-matching with a single click, seamless live looping, track-mixing in perfect sync, advanced BPM detection, keylock, video mixing, HD time-stretching, visually beat-alignment, compatibility with iTunes playlists, lots of effects, and many other features. DJMixerPro supports over 90 of the most popular MIDI devices–virtually any MIDI device is supported via built-in presets and the “MIDI Learn” feature.
DJMixerPro is best choice for club DJs, mobile DJs, video DJs and entertainer. Also great for Discos, Pubs, Night Clubs, Restaurants and even Retail Stores as an automated music/video system.
Version 3.6.10:
Added new controllers (zero-configure).
fixed crash when playback video on Windows 10.
Now fully compatible with macOS 10.14.4 Mojave.
iTunes 12.9.4 fully compatibility.
minor bug fixes and optimizations.
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