CrispyTuner 1.0.12 破解版 – 人声调音套件

CrispyTuner 1.0.12 破解版 – 人声调音套件

CrispyTuner 提供了一种直观且简单的方式来将人声调音应用到您的曲目中 - 无论您是专业音乐家还是刚刚起步的业余爱好者




CrispyTuner 1.0.12 破解版 – 人声调音套件

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CrispyTuner 提供了一种直观且简单的方式来将人声调音应用到您的曲目中 - 无论您是专业音乐家还是刚刚起步的业余爱好者。
The CrispyTuner provides an intuitive and affordable way to apply vocal tuning to your tracks – no matter if you’re a professional musician or a hobbyist who’s just starting out.
It allows anybody to set up industry-standard vocal tuning in no , even without any prior knowledge in the area.
Thanks to its powerful live mode, it is equally suitable for live performances as it is for post-processing of recorded vocals. You can hear yourself with the effect applied while recording a song or rocking the stage, which allows you perform in confidence without having to worry about pitch insecurities.
Automatic vocal tuning on a professional level – for both subtle and transparent pitch correction and extreme effects!
Live mode without latency, you can hear yourself tuned during recording and on stage!
Designed to be especially bner-friendly (simple mode), while having all the features of comparable software (advanced and graphical mode)
Powerful graphical mode for precise editing of the pitch curve
Additional creative effects like formant shifting and scale transposing