Creo 1.2.0 破解版 – 移动应用app设计开发工具

Creo 1.2.0 破解版 – 移动应用app设计开发工具




Creo 1.2.0 破解版 – 移动应用app设计开发工具

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还在寻找一款好用的移动app开发设计软件吗?Creo Mac激活版是一款超级简单实用的移动app设计开发工具。Creo让设计和开发之间没有更多的区别,旨在将设计和编码相关的任务放在同一屋檐下,允许您创建和定制应用程序的布局,同时还支持基于对象的编程。Creo Mac版集成了对设计用户界面和编写为实用程序提供动力的代码的支持,是一款集移动应用设计和开发为一体的实用工具,需要的朋友欢迎下载!

I think is a MacOS tool which aims to combine the design and development process in one easy to use application. The traditional process of creating mobile applications is divided between process design and process development. I think merges the two separated in a single tool that lets you concentrate on what makes it unique to your application instead of wasting time creating a non-functional prototype or writing the same code to perform the same steps common operations. Thanks to CreoKit always use components and NATIVE classes, not simulated code is used or web-based.