CopyQueue 3.1E 破解版 – 文件传输工具

CopyQueue 3.1E 破解版 – 文件传输工具

CopyQueue mac破解版是管理文件传输工具,CopyQueue for mac可以复制多个文件,并且比OS X的速度更快,暂停和恢复文件传输,日程任务和更多,使用和管理起来都非常的简单方便




CopyQueue 3.1E 破解版 – 文件传输工具
CopyQueue 3.1E 破解版 – 文件传输工具
CopyQueue 3.1E 破解版 – 文件传输工具

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CopyQueue mac破解版是管理文件传输工具,CopyQueue for mac可以复制多个文件,并且比OS X的速度更快,暂停和恢复文件传输,日程任务和更多,使用和管理起来都非常的简单方便。
CopyQueue lets you take control of your file transfers, such as copying to and from USB drives, network shares, downloading from the internet and uploading to FTP sites.
Large files and slow connections are where CopyQueue really shines. Never worry about a file transfer being interrupted again, because with CopyQueue you can resume it. Never worry about how long a file transfer will take, because you can pause it at any time and resume it later. Use the built in bandwidth limits and schedule to reduce your network impact and complete unattended transfers overnight. If you regularly copy large files, you’ll find CopyQueue invaluable.
With CopyQueue, you can
Supported Operation System
• OS X 10.8 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor