Cisdem PDF Password Remover 5.0.0 破解版 – PDF密码清除工具

Cisdem PDF Password Remover 5.0.0 破解版 – PDF密码清除工具

Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover Mac是一款PDF密码清除工具,Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover为您提供了打开受密码保护的PDF文档的可能性




Cisdem PDF Password Remover 5.0.0 破解版 – PDF密码清除工具
Cisdem PDF Password Remover 5.0.0 破解版 – PDF密码清除工具

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Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover Mac是一款PDF密码清除工具,Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover为您提供了打开受密码保护的PDF文档的可能性,即使您丢失了密码。该实用程序还可以处理删除所有者限制,因此您可以轻松编辑,复制或打印内容。
Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover lets you access password-protected PDF files. It removes unknown owner passwords and known user passwords from encrypted PDF files. PDFs can be processed in bulk and the compression feature in this app can make big PDF files smaller, so you no longer have to worry about the storage problem.
Decrypt Both Owner Password and Open Password Respectively - Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover can not only be used to easily remove PDF owner password (used to limit printing, copying and editing PDF files) with 2 clicks, but also recover PDF user password (used to limit opening PDF files) using brute force decryption.
Greatly-improved Decryption Speed to Batch Remove Owner Passwords - The software allows users to remove limitations of PDF files that are protected by owner password in batch. Up to 200 PDF files can be added and unlocked at a time. Besides, the decryption process is as quick as a flash.
When unlocking open passwords, users can check or fill in options, such as, password length, Latin letters, digits, special symbols, and additional characters, to save the decryption time.
The decryption process for files protected by complicated password can be kept to continue next time.
Fully support PDF version 1.0-1.7, OS X 10.7 - OS X 10.11 and multi-language, including English, German, French, Japanese, Greek, Latin, Korean, etc.
Work independently and doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.
It won’t alter PDF documents in any way and ensures that no harm to PDF file content is done.
What’s New:
Version 4.0:
Fix issue of exporting blank with correct password entering.
Password apply to all the functions.
Fix files without password can be dragged in.
Provide reminds to users with the files cannot be cracked.
Add auto update function.
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit