Caffeinated 2.0.5 破解版 – 最好用的防睡眠软件

Caffeinated 2.0.5 破解版 – 最好用的防睡眠软件

Caffeinated mac破解版是一款适用于Mac的反睡眠应用程序,Caffeinated破解版可防止Mac***睡眠状态,使屏幕变暗或启动屏幕保护程序。




Caffeinated 2.0.5 破解版 – 最好用的防睡眠软件
Caffeinated 2.0.5 破解版 – 最好用的防睡眠软件
Caffeinated 2.0.5 破解版 – 最好用的防睡眠软件

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Caffeinated mac破解版是一款适用于Mac的反睡眠应用程序,Caffeinated破解版可防止Mac***睡眠状态,使屏幕变暗或启动屏幕保护程序。Caffeinated也可根据您的需求定制,并提供许多选项和设置来适合您的个人风格
Your screen gets dark when you don’t want it? Then Caffeinated is the perfect tool for you. Caffeinated was developed based on the helpful tool Caffeine. Caffeinated brings back the classical features on your Mac. Caffeinated is not only very convenient but also easy to use. Just one click on the icon in your menu bar to prevent your screen from going to sleep. Within the menu you find all the important timer options and settings.
I always use Caffeinated, when …
… hosting a presentation at work
… watching videos at home
… reading books on my mac
… chatting with my friends
• One-Click-Activation (optional Left- or Right-Click)
• Managable via the icon in the Menu Bar
• Integrated timer with optional Notification
• Optimized for Retina Screens
• Compatible with Dark Mode
• Gentle on your RAM and Processor
• Option to allow Display to sleep while System stays awake
• Option to Auto-Activate when Connecting to Charger
• Option to Auto-Deactivate when Battery drops below 20%
• Option to Auto-Deactivate when Disconnecting from Charger
• Syncs with system accent colors
• Compatible with all modern macOS versions
• Optimized for macOS Catalina
• Translated to many languages