BetterDisplay Pro 2.2.6 – 显示器管理工具

BetterDisplay Pro 2.2.6 – 显示器管理工具

BetterDisplay Pro Mac 是一个非常棒的工具!它可以让您将显示器转换为完全可缩放的屏幕,允许亮度控制




BetterDisplay Pro 2.2.6 – 显示器管理工具
BetterDisplay Pro 2.2.6 – 显示器管理工具
BetterDisplay Pro 2.2.6 – 显示器管理工具

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BetterDisplay Pro Mac 是一个非常棒的工具!它可以让您将显示器转换为完全可缩放的屏幕,允许亮度控制,提供 XDR/HDR 升级(在兼容显示器上超过 100% 的额外亮度),完全调光为黑色,帮助您为 Mac 创建和管理虚拟显示器,创建显示器的画中画窗口,并为您提供许多其他功能,以便您从菜单栏轻松管理显示器的设置
BetterDisplay is a truly wonderful tool! It let’s you convert your displays to fully scalable screens, allows brightness control, provides XDR/HDR upscaling (extra brightness beyond 100% on compatible displays), full dimming to black,helps you create and manage virtual displays (dummies) for your Mac, create Picture in Picture windows of your displays and gives you a host of other features to manage your display’s settings easily from the menu bar.
Convert your internal and natively connected external displays to smoothly-scaled HiDPI displays on Apple Silicon - now even without mirroring a dummy (displays with notch, HDR, HDCP, high refresh rate fully supported)! (Pro)
Reach the full brightness potential of your XDR or HDR display! (Pro)
Change the display’s brightness, volume and colors via software and hardware (DDC) control via sliders and native or custom keyboard shortcuts!
Create custom HiDPI resolutions for real displays manually and redefine certain system display parameters!
Create any number of dummies (virtual screens) with varying aspect ratios.
Use headless Macs (servers) with any resolution and HiDPI mode for remote access.
Create Picture in Picture window for any real or dummy displays. (Pro)
Redirect your display’s contents (real or dummy) to an other screen via streaming. (Pro)
If you are using a big TV up close, use the bottom half of your TV as a wide screen display (off-center streaming). (Pro)
Scale Sidecar resolutions. (Pro)
Portrait SideCar support. (Pro)
Better quality zooming (System Preferences»Accessibility»Zoom) or High Quality screenshots even on 1080p displays
Easily change the resolution of your real and dummy displays via a slider (or submenu) from the menubar.
Quickly accessible refresh rate and screen rotation menu.
Simplify creating mirrored sets. (Pro)
Easily move around displays relative to each other using the app menu.
Quickly designate a display to be main display.
Associate dummies with displays for auto connect/disconnect.
Keyboard shortcuts for basic operations.
Advanced keyboard shortcuts support. (Pro)
Custom dummies (resolution, orientation, naming). (Pro)
Create a dummy optimized for a real display. (Pro)
What’s New:
Version 1.4.3:
Add option to let the brightness OSD show whether brightness level requires color manipulation (that clips HDR content) - #1522
Improve Settings/Displays usability (introduces display selector bar instead of collapsible headers) - #1506
Make the EDID upload section a bit more condensed - #1512
Moving DCC Quick Slider Config submenu to a more appropriate place - #1497
EDID auto apply takes effect even when EDID override is disabled - #1520
Connect/Disconnect option is not compatible with Monterey - should be disabled - #1524
Minor text cropping issue at Settings/Displays - #1521
Name of [colorName] Black level display in slider is “[colorName] gain” - #1507
Display System Settings shortcut blocked by BetterDisplay - #1505
EDID override warning text has some typos in it - #1495
Scrolling is enabled for resolution slider (bug) - #1485
Disconnect menu item redundantly appears for connected dummies - #1484
Attempting to disconnect an associated (therefore non-disconnectable) dummy makes graphical app menu items go missing - #1483
When using main display icon offer possibility to use or set monochrome variant as default - #1478
Removing dummy’s from the menu does not remove them in preferences immediately - #1477
Compatibility: macOS 11.0 or later