BestZip 2 1.6.1 破解版 – 解忧压缩解压软件

BestZip 2 1.6.1 破解版 – 解忧压缩解压软件

解忧专业版(BestZip Pro)是你的不错选择!解忧专业版为用户提供压缩文件和文件夹所需的工具,编辑现有存档,预览内容和密码保护数据,功能可以与Windows系统上的WinRAR的相媲美




BestZip 2 1.6.1 破解版 – 解忧压缩解压软件
BestZip 2 1.6.1 破解版 – 解忧压缩解压软件
BestZip 2 1.6.1 破解版 – 解忧压缩解压软件

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如果你需要一款压缩解压软件,那么解忧专业版(BestZip Pro)是你的不错选择!解忧专业版为用户提供压缩文件和文件夹所需的工具,编辑现有存档,预览内容和密码保护数据,功能可以与Windows系统上的WinRAR的相媲美,欢迎需要的朋友下载
“BestZip 2" has a brand new design, and on the basis of inheriting all the advantages of “BestZip, more powerful functions are added. At the same time, the software interface is simpler and easier to use.
“Version Introduction”
BestZip/BestZip Pro: The first-generation product, powerful and stable, has been widely praised by users.
BestZip 2: Redesigned on the basis of the first generation BestZip, with more concise interface, richer functions, stronger compatibility, and more supported formats.
BestZip Lite: Lightweight, with only decompression function. It is the basic version of “BestZip 2” and is inexpensive.
“Supported Formats”
Support extract all kinds of archives, including but not limited to: RAR, ZIP, 7z, gz, sit, tbz, tar, xar, lha, lzh, hqx, bin, macbin, as, bz2, bzip2, bz, xz, iso, cdi, nrg, mdf, z, taz, tar-z, lzma, xip, ace, arj, arc, pak, spk, zoo, lbr, lqr, lzr, pma, cab, rpm, deb, alz, dd, cpt, pit, now, sea, exe, msi, cpio, cpgz, pax, warc, ha, adf, adz, dms, f, lzx, dcs, pkd, xms, zom, pp, nsa, sar, jar, nds, pkg, a, swf, pdf, alz, a01, b01, sfx
Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit