Battery Monitor 4.9 破解版 – 电池管理器

Battery Monitor 4.9 破解版 – 电池管理器

Battery Monitor for mac是笔记本电脑上的电池管理器软件




Battery Monitor 4.9 破解版 – 电池管理器
Battery Monitor 4.9 破解版 – 电池管理器
Battery Monitor 4.9 破解版 – 电池管理器

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Battery Monitor for mac是笔记本电脑上的电池管理器软件。便携式计算机最重要的先决条件是一个可充电的电池,它可以保持设备的电源。Battery Monitor电池监视器优化它们的寿命,以必要的谨慎处理它们。
More and more computers are mobile devices nowadays. The most important prerequisite for a portable computer is a chargable battery which keeps the device powered. Batteries are not really cheap replacement parts and they are subject to wear and tear. Their lifetimes should be optimized, handling them with the necessary care. Battery Monitor is a small auxiliary application useful in this regard.
It offers the following features:
Display of the charge state in the Dock: This is useful if you cannot or do not like to use the display in the menu bar of macOS, e.g. when you have a screen which is not very wide. Battery Monitor can also show the estimated remaining run time in the Dock menu, even if you are using an operating system which suppresses this information in the menu bar.
Display of internal battery information: In addition to the charge state, many other technical specifications, e.g. temperature, discharge current, number of charge cycles, expected lifetime, or capacity can be retrieved. The states of each of the battery cells and the manufacturer of the cells can also be determined.
Capturing charge and discharge curves: The history of the readings measured by the battery unit can be displayed graphically. This way you can plot the charge and discharge curves, for example, one of the most important characteristics for the health of a battery. You can also review the graphical profile of the amperage drawn by the computer, helping to find “power guzzling applications”.
Bookkeeping of the aging process of the battery: Battery Monitor automatically keeps a log about the charge capacity of the battery which will decrease as the battery ages. This helps you to exactly monitor how the behavior of the battery is changing over time. You can assess if your battery is working normally or if it might be defective. You can also estimate more exactly when the right time has come to purchase a new battery. For computers with replaceable battery units, Battery Monitor can of course monitor multiple battery packs at the same time.
Notifications during charge or discharge: In addition to the display of the charge state in the Dock, Battery Monitor can optionally inform you about the progress of the charge or discharge process by other means. Inobtrusive notifications using speech or the Notification Center of macOS can be set up.
Additional overview of connected Bluetooth batteries: If supported Bluetooth devices powered by batteries are connected to your Mac, display of their battery levels can be integrated into Battery Monitor as well.
What’s New:
Version 4.9
Application and reference manual have been updated to correctly differentiate between System Settings of macOS Ventura and System Preferences in older versions of macOS.
Fixed a problem where opening System Settings via the context menu of the menu-bar icon did not work as expected in macOS Ventura.
A cryptographic security feature was removed to ensure the App can still be imported to France.
Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later