batchDPI 2.06 破解版 – 图片DPI调整工具

batchDPI 2.06 破解版 – 图片DPI调整工具

batchDPI mac版只需单击几下即可批量更改数千张图片的 DPI,使用方法简单




batchDPI 2.06 破解版 – 图片DPI调整工具

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想要调整图片的dpi吗?虽然 DPI 的差异不会影响您的图片质量,但当您处理具有不同 DPI 的图片时,它确实会带来一些意想不到且相当混乱的问题。batchDPI mac版只需单击几下即可批量更改数千张图片的 DPI,使用方法简单
The default DPI of the macOS system is 72dpi, Microsoft Windows is 96dpi, your camera takes photos at maybe 350dpi, your scanned photo has a DPI of 600dpi, your PhotoShop was set to 100dpi…
Although the difference in DPI will not affect the quality of your picture unless you print them, it does bring some unexpected and quite messy issues when you work with pictures with different DPI.
With simple clicks, batchDPI can set all pictures in a folder to a uniform DPI you chose, no matter where they were downloaded or inputted from, or what they were edited with.
By the way, it’s very interesting to find out if your favorite desktop wallpaper is originally created for Mac or PC, just check its DPI, 72dpi for Mac and 96dpi for PC. :)
Any Mac (Apple Silicon, Intel) version for macOS Big Sur
Batch change thousands of pictures’ DPI with a few simple clicks;
Will copy (not replace) your photos to ensure the safety of your originals;
Special destination folder first procedure protects against the overwrite of your original files;
Toggle-able beep after each file processed;
Progress indicator during processing;
Destination folder will open automatically after processing;
Supported formats: png, jpg, jpeg, other format support will be added upon your feature requests;
New core for faster conversion
Interface fine-tuning for dark mode
New startup tip alert added
All deprecated functions rewritten
What’s New:
Version v2.00
Any Mac (Apple Silicon, Intel) version for macOS Big Sur
new core for faster conversion
interface fine-tuning for dark mode
support menu updated
fix background issue on dark mode
new startup tip alert added
all deprecated functions rewritten
Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later