Axure RP Pro 破解版 – 交互原型设计工具

Axure RP Pro 破解版 – 交互原型设计工具

Axure RP Pro是一个产品经理必备的交互原型设计工具。Axure RP Pro能够高效率制作产品原型,快速绘制线框图、流程图、网站架构图、示意图、HTML 模版等




Axure RP Pro 破解版 – 交互原型设计工具
Axure RP Pro 破解版 – 交互原型设计工具
Axure RP Pro 破解版 – 交互原型设计工具

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Axure RP Pro是一个产品经理必备的交互原型设计工具。Axure RP Pro能够高效率制作产品原型,快速绘制线框图、流程图、网站架构图、示意图、HTML 模版等,它可以辅助产品经理快速设计完整的产品原型,并结合批注、说明以及流程图、框架图等元素将产品完整地表述给各方面设计人员,如 UI、UE 等等,并在讨论中不断完善。
Axure RP is the most powerful way to plan, prototype, and hand off to developers, all without code. Axure for Enterprise combines the benefits of Axure RP and Axure Cloud with your security requirements. Axure Cloud can be privately hosted on our servers or at your on-prem location so you can design, document, and collaborate while maintaining compliance.
Breakthrough solutions start with well-defined problems
Whether you’re creating diagrams, customer journeys, or wireframes, Axure RP helps you document the issues and get everyone on the same page.
Connector Mode
Slice and Crop Images
Flow Shapes Library
Powerful prototyping that fits any project
Using a prototype to test a design and validate it with others is invaluable for making better design decisions. Axure RP lets you quickly make rich, functional prototypes so you can make informed choices even on your most urgent projects.
Dynamic Content
Conditional Logic
Adaptive Views
A beautiful blend of analysis and design
The best experiences are created when thoughtful problem-solving and attentive design come together. Axure RP combines powerful design tools, SVG import, and Sketch and Adobe XD integrations with world-class prototyping so you can amaze stakeholders and customers.
Build Interactions from Sketch assets
SVG Import
Animation Effects
Bridge the gap with development
Thorough, easy-to-understand specifications enable developers to deliver products that match the designs. Publish Axure RP files to Axure Cloud and present a complete picture including documentation, prototypes, and visual design with automated redlines and code export.
Complete Documentation
Automated Redlines
Code Export
Streamline your product design workflow with Axure Cloud
Easily share Axure RP prototypes and artboards from Adobe XD and Sketch and gather feedback on top of your screens.
Inspect layout, get CSS snippets, and download assets.
Get notifications about the latest changes and discussions by email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.
Create Team projects so multiple users can make diagrams, build prototypes, and explore designs in a single Axure RP file at the same time.
Quickly turn static images into interactive prototypes in Axure Cloud.
Axure for Enterprise
Creating customer-winning digital products consistently and efficiently requires the combined strengths of business, design, and technology teams.
Documentation and Specification: Create process flows, product teardowns, and visual specifications with Axure RP.
Functional Prototyping: Use Axure RP to build and test rich, functional prototypes before development begins.
Design Prototyping: Quickly create animated, screen-based prototypes from images or Sketch artboards on Axure Cloud.
Co-authoring: Axure RP and Axure Cloud enable multiple people to work on the same project at the same time.
Shared Assets: With Axure RP, create and share libraries of interactive components, and import assets from Sketch.
Developer Handoff: Publish designs from RP and Sketch to Axure Cloud for automatic redlines plus CSS and image export.
Axure Cloud for Business
Axure Cloud helps cross-functional teams work together and deliver better digital products. Publish user stories and customer journeys so everyone understands the goal. Host Axure RP prototypes for user testing to ensure the problem is solved. Share design assets from Sketch for review and handoff. With Axure Cloud for Business, you can manage accounts and permissions on our servers or yours.