Audio Assault FreakQ 305 2.0.1 破解版 – 非线性均衡器

Audio Assault FreakQ 305 2.0.1 破解版 – 非线性均衡器

FreakQ 305是一款模拟灵感的非线性均衡器,在提供模拟的光泽和温暖的同时,能够拥抱DAW的力量




Audio Assault FreakQ 305 2.0.1 破解版 – 非线性均衡器

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FreakQ 305是一款模拟灵感的非线性均衡器,在提供模拟的光泽和温暖的同时,能够拥抱DAW的力量! 这款均衡器可让您以前所未闻的方式雕刻和塑造您的音色,从而创造出真正独特的东西! 专注于提供没有噪音的模拟味道,FreakQ 305不会模拟任何特定的模拟硬件。
VST | VST3 | AU | AAX | Jack Audio APP | LinuxVST
Analog Saturator EQ
FreakQ is an analog inspired non-linear equalizer that embraces the power of your DAW while delivering the sheen and warmth of analog. Changing the gain on an EQ band adds harmonics to the signal. This feature makes FreakQ 305 a very powerful tool, using the “Scale” control can exaggerate the effects of FreakQ 305 quite dramatically.
– 5 Band Semi-Parametric EQ
– 3 Equalizer Models
– Filter Section
– Cutoff Filters
– Harmonic Distortion for each band
Available for Windows, Mac & Linux:
– VST (Win/Mac)
– VST3 (Win/Mac)
– AAX (Win/Mac)
– AU (Mac)
– Jack Audio APP (Linux)
– LinuxVST (Linux)
64-bit OS Only!
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