Apeaksoft Video Fixer 破解版 – 视频修复工具

Apeaksoft Video Fixer 破解版 – 视频修复工具

只要您提供正确且有效的示例视频作为参考,Apeaksoft Video Fixer 就可以轻松地将损坏、损坏、破碎、无法播放、断断续续、扭曲、黑屏视频修复为正常




Apeaksoft Video Fixer 破解版 – 视频修复工具

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只要您提供正确且有效的示例视频作为参考,Apeaksoft Video Fixer 就可以轻松地将损坏、损坏、破碎、无法播放、断断续续、扭曲、黑屏视频修复为正常。 修复后的视频将具有与示例视频相同的质量。
Apeaksoft Video Fixer can easily fix corrupted, damaged, broken, unplayable, choppy, distorted, black screen videos to normal as long as you provide a correct and valid sample video for reference. The repaired video will be in the same quality as the sample video.
Now this video repair software supports fixing videos in MP4, MOV and 3GP format. It even supports the video repair of 4K, 8K video footages.
Apeaksoft Video Fixer supports the repair of all kinds of videos from leading camera bands (Canon, Nikon, Sony, GoPro, DJI Drone, etc.) and various storage mediums like mobile phones, computers, hard drives, SD cards, USB drives, etc.
-Fix corrupted, damaged, unplayable, choppy videos to normal.
-Support videos shot by different devices, including cameras, smart phones, GoPro, Drones, etc.
-Preview the repaired video before exporting.
Supported Operation Systems
macOS 10.10 or later