Antivirus VirusKiller 4.3.7 破解版 – 防病毒工具

Antivirus VirusKiller 4.3.7 破解版 – 防病毒工具

Antivirus VirusKiller是一款帮助大家免受病毒侵扰的安全软件,这款软件可以能够识别出恶意网站和易受攻击的Wi-Fi网络,帮助大家摆脱危害您的电脑安全的困扰




Antivirus VirusKiller 4.3.7 破解版 – 防病毒工具

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Antivirus VirusKiller是一款帮助大家免受病毒侵扰的安全软件,这款软件可以能够识别出恶意网站和易受攻击的Wi-Fi网络,帮助大家摆脱危害您的电脑安全的困扰
Antivirus VirusKiller isn’t the only threat to your Mac, and yes Macs do get malware. According to our company research on cybercrime, the attacks on Mac systems had increased by more than 78% in 2017.
That’s the reason why you must choose an antivirus software from a security company like we are because we can protect your Mac at a higher level.
Malicious websites and vulnerable Wi-Fi networks can also jeopardize your safety.
Your macOS might stop some malware variants, but it can’t help you if you’re already infected. Our antivirus for Mac not only blocks viruses, spyware, Trojans, and other malware, it also scans your entire Mac for already-hidden threats.
Even trusted websites can get hacked, and criminals can easily spoof emails from your friends or bank. Endurance can also scan your emails and see if there are any phishing attempts.
Endurance antivirus is OPSWAT certified – OPSWAT is the world leader in certifying security products.
– Malware scan and remove including ransomware and keyloggers signatures
– Adware scan and remove including the PUA (Potential Unwanted Applications) signatures
– 24/7 premium support service dedicated to solve your inquiries
– access to latest malware signatures through our malware signatures update service
– Mac Health Check, which is new at any antiviruses which are available right now for sale. This feature will do an analysis of your Mac in more depth and
come back with a solution
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
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