Aerate Pro 2.0.1 fix 破解版 – 图片压缩神器

Aerate Pro 2.0.1 fix 破解版 – 图片压缩神器

Aerate Pro mac版是一款图片压缩神器,Aerate Pro mac版拥有行业领先的技术以同等的压缩质量速度远超过市面上的一切图片压缩软件




Aerate Pro 2.0.1 fix 破解版 – 图片压缩神器
Aerate Pro 2.0.1 fix 破解版 – 图片压缩神器
Aerate Pro 2.0.1 fix 破解版 – 图片压缩神器

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Aerate Pro mac版是一款图片压缩神器,Aerate Pro mac版拥有行业领先的技术以同等的压缩质量速度远超过市面上的一切图片压缩软件,Aerate Pro支持批量压缩、结果视图、JPG元数据删除等等功能,并具有一种新模式,可对PNG图像进行极端压缩。无损地丢失多达90%的图像。
Aerate Pro Effortlessly compress your images without loss of quality. Aerate offers an industry leading default mode, as well as new fast and extreme presets. Switch between modes quickly using the new compression slider.
Aerate also includes a first of its kind multi-core mode, that allows you to take full advantage of your CPU and compress images simultaneously. Exclusively available in Aerate Pro.
• Batch compression – Compress folder or stacks of images simultaneously.
• PNG and JPG support – Category leading support for PNG compression as well as loss-setting JPG support.
• Results view – Easily reviews and save images individually.
• PSD to JPG conversion – With Aerate, you can easily covert PSDs to JPGs. They can even be included in a batch.
• File extensions – Automatically assign a custom extension for compressed files.
• JPG metadate removal – Aerate can automatically remove JPG metadata, including in bulk processes.
• PNG to JPG conversion – You can easily convert your PNG images to JPG post conversion, allowing maximum results.
• Dark mode – Aerate includes a beautiful new dark mode that can be custom toggled in preferences.
Compatibility: macOS 10.10 or later 64-bit