Adobe InCopy 2024 24.3 破解版 – 专业的文字编写和副本编辑

Adobe InCopy 2024 24.3 破解版 – 专业的文字编写和副本编辑

Adobe InCopy 2024(简称IC)是一款专业的文字编写和副本编辑软件




Adobe InCopy 2024 24.3 破解版 – 专业的文字编写和副本编辑
Adobe InCopy 2024 24.3 破解版 – 专业的文字编写和副本编辑
Adobe InCopy 2024 24.3 破解版 – 专业的文字编写和副本编辑

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Adobe InCopy 2024(简称IC)是一款专业的文字编写和副本编辑软件。作为Adobe InDesign的协同伙伴,Adobe InCopy 致力于增强设计与编辑之间的紧密协作。设计者使用InDesign完成版面排版后,将文档输出供InCopy文字编辑使用。编辑者可以随意修改文稿,随后将文档发送给排版者,文字的更新对版面毫不影响,因为文字编辑无权修改版面结构,实现了高效的设计与编辑协同工作。
Adobe InCopy is a program for the professional creation and editing of materials, closely associated with the program Adobe InDesign 2024 to improve the interaction of design teams and editors. Adobe InCopy 2024 is ideal for large projects where many people work on text and graphic design.
Adobe InCopy is part of Creative Cloud . Therefore, all the latest updates are available to its users, and access to new versions is available from the moment of their release. Improve your skills and master new tools with a large and constantly updated collection of training videos. Thanks to the integration with Behance, you can share your projects with other users and instantly receive feedback on your work from designers from around the world.
Advantages of Adobe InCopy:
Footnotes for multiple columns
OpenType improvements
Updated interface
Simplified work with glyphs
Placement in image tables
Simple addition of shading to the text; includes offset management tools and much more
Place Gun tool for adding frames to tables
New search command in the opposite direction
Preserving key combinations and settings when upgrading to the latest version
Improvements to footnotes for text transfer
Color swatch folders for improved sample management
Editing tables by dragging and dropping
Support for displaying high resolution objects and Retina display in Windows
Adobe Typekit integration
Typekit font synchronization
Font search optimization
Simplified New Hyperlinking
Different Pageviews When Editing
Improved flashing
“Save to the cloud” command, which allows you to work with files on any device
List of recently used fonts
Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later