Acon Digital Verberate 2 2.0.4 破解版 – 算法混响工具

Acon Digital Verberate 2 2.0.4 破解版 – 算法混响工具

谈到混响,一切都与音质有关。 Verberate是一种算法混响插件,可以模拟真实的声学环境,具有非凡的真实感




Acon Digital Verberate 2 2.0.4 破解版 – 算法混响工具

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谈到混响,一切都与音质有关。 Verberate是一种算法混响插件,可以模拟真实的声学环境,具有非凡的真实感。 第一个Verberate版本已经提升了标准。 版本2引入了Vivid Hall算法,该算法增加了时间差异,以避免在保留Verberate 1的自然高密度混响尾部的情况下困扰基于卷积的混响的刚度。
由于气流,移动表演者或观众的动作,真正的声学环境会有轻微的变化。 虽然这些变化可能看起来微妙,但对混响尾音结尾的影响很大,因为在混响尾音消失之前,声音会被反射很多次。 新的Vivid Hall算法对这些随机变化进行建模,没有诸如合唱效果或音高变化之类的伪像,因此能够以更高的真实度模拟真实大厅的混响。
Real acoustical surroundings will have slight variations due to air currents, moving performers or movements in the audience. While these variations may seem subtle, the effect towards the end of the reverb tail is significant, since the sound is reflected a large number of times before the reverb tail fades out. The new Vivid Hall algorithm models these random variations without artifacts like chorus effects or pitch changes, and is therefore capable of simulating reverberation of real halls with a higher degree of realism.
Highly realistic simulation of real acoustical spaces and mechanical plates
The new time variant Vivid Hall algorithm goes beyond convolution
Powerful decay editor allows frequency dependent reverb times
Versatile integrated output equalizer