Accusonus Regroover Pro 1.7.82 破解版 – 智能节拍机

Accusonus Regroover Pro 1.7.82 破解版 – 智能节拍机

Accusonus Regroover Pro 是一种人造智能节拍机




Accusonus Regroover Pro 1.7.82 破解版 – 智能节拍机

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Accusonus Regroover Pro 是一种人造智能节拍机,可以扩展传统的音乐采样。从您的图层中提取鼓舞人心的样品,将其拖入套件编辑器,将其与外部声音组合,并创建灵感的扩展套件。
Split engine
– Split (unmix) audio loops into distinct layers
– Refine split results with custom annotations
Layer’s tab
– Instant Layer remixing using snap-to-grid and loop markers
– Trigger your layers via MIDI and re-arrange your loops
– Adjust volume, pan, EQ, Gate, Compressor, Stereo Enhancer to any layer
– Load and play expansion kits
– Extract any sample or loop via simple drag and drop
– Extract your beat variations (patterns) as audio files
– Use multiple pattern lengths to create new straight beats or polyrhythms
– Unique Transient Shaper optimized for beat processing
– Analog-inspired saturator for all layers
– Apply external effects with multi-channel output
Editor’s tab
– Extract sounds from Layers and drag them to their own trigger pads
– Edit extracted sounds via the expansion kit mixer and effects
– Load external sounds to enrich your expansion kit
– Save expansion kits and create self-contained Regroover project
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