PlayCover 3.0.0beta2 破解版 – M1运行iOS应用

PlayCover 3.0.0beta2 破解版 – M1运行iOS应用

PlayCover项目能够让你在MacBook M1上运行IOS的游戏和应用,并且支持使用键盘,鼠标和手柄等控制器




PlayCover 3.0.0beta2 破解版 – M1运行iOS应用

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PlayCover项目能够让你在MacBook M1上运行IOS的游戏和应用,并且支持使用键盘,鼠标和手柄等控制器。
总所周知,MacBook M1在AppStore里支持很多iOS应用下载,但是如果该应用的开发者关闭下载,那么这个应用你在笔记本上是搜不到的,这个项目可以让你安装任何的iOS应用,绕开了苹果的限制。
Run iOS apps & games on M1 Mac with mouse, keyboard and controller support.
Intel macs support will be implemented later.
Source code
On 19th August 2021 some company violated the open source license. Therefore, the public code is temporarily hidden, although it is still available to the most active members of the Discord community. When we develop legal protections, we will reopen the code. Public releases are still available.
Just build last commit version or download last installer from Releases tab.
On first launch, app will prompt you to install Xcode Tools. Agree, please.
Now you can simply drag & drop any .ipa from iMazing, M1 Checker or AppDb.
Wait till PlayCover will convert app and launch it.
How to create key mapping
Press Ctrl + P to open editor mode.
Now you can use Ctrl + N to add button, Ctrl + J - joystick, Ctrl + M - mouse.
To delete a key, click on existing button, and then press Ctrl + Del.
After edit, just press Ctrl + P again to save results.
You can hold Alt during game to stop mouse camera control.