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Aescripts Paint Stick for After Effects 2.1.2a 破解版 – 手绘卡通MG动画画笔插件








Paint & Stick – The essential tool for After Effects paint! Draw directly into the compilation window, in the context of all other layers with custom brushes and Photoshop, plus onion layer. “Stick” your painting on 3D renderings. You have to see it to believe it!

Paint Tool built After Effects only lets you paint on the window layer which has no context in its composition. Paint & Stick allows you to paint directly on the compilation window with any effect, issue tracking, adjustment layers, etc. so you can paint and see the final result immediately.

Cel animation with onion skin. Finally, you can have a customizable onion skin in the comp! By the way, you can apply Paint & Stick on an adjustment layer and use the onion skin function to help you adjust any animation, not just animation cel.

Use your Photoshop brushes Export your brushes in Photoshop using our export tool provided and use them directly in After Effects with Paint & Stick. Our beta testers were really excited about this!

Easily create and use custom brushes Simply hold down a modifier key and click anywhere on your comp to capture as a new custom brush (with transparency!) And add it to your library brushes. You will love it!

Super fast, even in 4K resolution! We work very hard (and long) to make Paint & Stick out super fast. Fast Draw was created for cel animators, who just want to paint smooth performance and do not require real – time effects. When you use the quick draw, your painting is drawn on the user interface, which means you do not actually processed in your composition until you finish drawing your lines. By the way, draw without Fast Draw is also quite fast!

Bat features: – Paint your scene in After Effects without 3D objects within After Effects! Through a process patented algorithm, you can paint directly on the rendered image, no 3D object is not necessary. – Painting magically “glued” to CG renderings. Paints a picture and stick to whole animation. It really feels like magic.



Aescripts Paint Stick for After Effects






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