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Turbocollage 7.0.6 破解版 – 照片拼贴制作工具


想要在您的Mac电脑上进行照片拼贴?可是找不到合适的软件?那就快来下载TurboCollage for Mac 破解版吧!它能够让您在Mac上用照片创造出惊人的拼贴画,将您的想象力用于拼贴画中,让您完全控制您的拼贴画内容!

[TurboCollage 在Mac App Store上售价19.99美元,约合人民币120元]

Create stunning picture collages on your Mac. Setup a collage with a prominent center picture, arrange pictures in a regular grid, or create a random picture pile. Let your imagination fly. A good memories in magnificent mosaics. With an intuitive interface, TurboCollage gives you complete control over the design collage.

Simply start dragging a few pictures on TurboCollage. Choose a collage style seven interesting variations. Choose from a wide range of preset picture sizes and aspect ratios or create your own custom size for your collage. Select horizontal or vertical orientation and use a color or a custom picture as collage background. You can even use a transparent background for the collage. Add shadows to pictures to give your collage a collage of paper real sense. Exchanging images by dragging an image into another. Add text to your collage. Shuffle collage to get another exciting design. TurboCollage even lets you pan and zoom individual pictures within their frames to position themselves as like.

STYLES COLLAGE • Stack Regular • Battery Circle • Grid image • Mosaic • Frame Center • Mosaic Zig • Photohive

FEATURES • Add an unlimited number of photos to collage • Add text to collage • Create collage of any custom size • Wide range of predetermined sizes and ratios aspect • shadow box Customize • Drag an image onto another image to redeem • Shuffle collage to get a completely new design • Pan and zoom images within frames • Drag, scale, or images of piles of rotation • Change the stacking order bring more prominent pictures on top • Customize picture borders • Select a background image or color • Tile background image • Use transparent background • in September rounded corners on images Grid, Mosaic, Frame Center and collages Mosaic Zig • Customize the number of rows and columns on the grid • Create horizontal or vertical collages • Customize text color, text background opacity and color, shadows, and alignment • Resize, rotate, or move text • Use the camera or Seal styles instant edge in Regular Pile collage • Create symmetrical center frame collages • Upload collage directly to Facebook • Post collage to Twitter • Save collage design to edit later













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