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Jetbrains Appcode 2019.2 破解版 – Objective-C集成开发环境


JetBrains AppCode for mac是JetBrains推出的Objective-C集成开发环境应用,用于超乎想象和便利的代码导航以及代码自动完成,即时代码分析和快速简易代码搜索,包括类、方法、变量和资源即时代码转换,支持i18n等等功能

Turn your brilliant ideas into outstanding applications for iOS / OS X with ease and pleasure. Rely on intelligent coding assistance AppCode while, refactor, debug and test.

Why AppCode environment Smart Growth Through a deep understanding of the structure of your code, AppCode handles your routine tasks and saves you extra typing. It provides intelligent code completion, formatting, reordering, automatic import and powerful navigation options and code generation. Quickly adjust your applications or unit tests using a robust debugger LLDB with flexible points interruption, clocks, frames and evaluate expressions. The full experience AppCode is 100% compatible and interoperable with Xcode without additional configuration. It integrates seamlessly with the control systems of most popular versions; Kiwi test frames and Google; Dash documentation tools and ingredients; CocoaPods (including actions of intent pod files and installation and automatic update pods); Disclose the application; and a number of crawlers problems. An integrated UI Designer is also included. Code quality is important AppCode constantly monitors the quality of your code. Warns of errors and odors and suggests quick fixes to automatically resolve them . Clang Static Analyzer is also integrated, and a wide range of reliable refactorings allows you to clean and improve your code more accurately and intelligently. Many languages, an IDE AppCode natively supports Objective-C, Swift, C and C ++, including C ++ 11 libc ++ and Boost, as well as JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS and XPath. Use your preferred language to create your iOS application / OS X.



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